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Rock Band

Is exactly that. I'm so tired.


One of the best things about it? When I am playing guitar by myself, I sometimes gyrate and act like a fool... when you add two more people doing the exact same thing, it's hilariously goofy and fun. There was even a "back to back" playing moment.

Soooo funny. Not a 100 percent fan of the Strat though. I used the Gibson from GH3 most of the night and then switched to the Strat when guests left. May just take some getting used to , but I don't like the feel of the strum bar but it may just be because I am not used to it/using the wrong mechanism for the model. I haven't used the drums yet, but Tony was f'in rocking out on them earlier in the night so I have confidence they will be fun.

No singing... yet.

Our band name is Suckforce 5.
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